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Optical instruments such as trial lenses, trial frames, power tables, cleaning cloth can be purchased at tremendous savings.

The following sale prices are for


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Super Fine Fiber Lens Cloth
Orig.: $0.32
Sale: $0.22
Brush Lens Cloth
Orig.: $0.42
Sale: $0.27
Suede Lens Cloth
Orig.: $0.64
Sale: $0.40
Single Power Table
Orig.: $650.00
Sale: $395.00
Double Power Table
Orig.: $750.00
Sale: $450.00
Trial Lens Set
Orig.: $475.00
Sale: $375.00
Trail Frame
Orig.: $20.00
Sale: $9.90
Replacement Trial Lens
Orig.: $10.00
Sale: $5.00
Lorgnette Pinhole Occluder
Orig.: $20.00
Sale: $12.00
Hydraulic Chair with arm rest
Orig.: $180.00
Sale: $120.00
Hydraulic Chair without back rest
Orig.: $150.00
Sale: $100.00
Germstar Solution (2 @ 1-liter refill)
Orig.: $70.00
Sale: $59.00
Germstar Solution Starter Kit
Orig.: $119.00
Sale: $99.00